Henderson Home Inspection Can Help You Avoid Additional Costs on Your New Home

Get a Home Warranty Inspection in North Central Texas

Most newly constructed homes include a one-year warranty from the builder. Before this period expires, you should hire a home inspector to examine your home for potential issues. Henderson Home Inspection offers home warranty inspection services. We'll identify any issues that need to be addressed so you can deal with them while the warranty's still in effect.

Don't wait until your warranty expires to reach out to us. Call 214-843-4003 now to schedule a home warranty inspection.

Why Have a Warranty Inspection Done at Your Home?

You can just resolve any issues later, right? That's not always the case. You need a detail-oriented home inspector to examine your home so you'll know about everything that needs to be fixed. Here are three benefits of hiring us to inspect your home:
  1. Savings. You won't have to pay out of pocket for repairs if the warranty's still in effect.
  2. Knowledge. You'll feel more at ease knowing the true condition of your home.
  3. Time. You'll save time and energy by hiring us to inspect your home.
Butch doesn't think you should pay to fix up your new home, and we don't either. Contact Henderson Home Inspection today to learn more about warranty inspections.